Specials & Discounts

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  • Free Mowing: Customers who we start mowing before June 1 will get a free mowing reflected on the July Invoice
  • Spring Special:
    • > Deep Core Aeration + Power Rake—20% Discount*
  •  Fall Specials:
    • > Deep Core Aeration + Over-Seeding—20% Discount*

*Exception: Because of tight schedules, we do not offer the discount for new customer services that are requested on the spot because we happen to be next door. This usually puts us behind schedule for the day. We will be happy to return another day and apply the discount.


  • Preferred Fertilizer Program – 5% Discount

> Program Includes: 1 Early Spring Crabgrass Control, 1 Summer Grub Control, An Early Summer Revive Application To Help With Water Penetration Through The Hot Summer Days & 4 Organic Fertilizer Applications. Plus FREE Lawn Weed Spot Spraying




$159 + FREE spring startup service.

Did your backflow device freeze last fall? You will know this if the top of the backflow preventer popped off or is tilted. Sometimes the shutoff valve will crack, too. I give FREE estimates and inspections, so if you are unsure if your system suffered damage, I will be happy to take a look.

We will repair your Backflow device for $159, PLUS get the spring start up service FREE—a $60 value for most systems. The Startup Service includes inspection and proper operation of all valves, heads, timer, etc. It is at this time that other frozen parts may be found, such as; manifold, valves, heads, etc. The first hour of labor is included. Parts are extra.


Payment Plans & Discounts:

  • PrePay—save 3%
  • AutoPay
  • SmartBudget
  • Senior Discount—5% discount for those 65 and over PLUS any payment plan savings.
  • Multiple Property Discount–Save 3% if you own 3 or more properties we service.